What do you see # 115 – January 3, 2022

Image credit; Dimhou @ Pixabay
For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a black and white kitten playing with a green flower-bearing shoot growing in between the paving stones.

Welcome back to the first WDYS prompt of 2022 Rules; You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post. Write an original story, poem or a caption. There is no limit to words or format but keep it family-friendly. If you post a response before next […]

What do you see # 115 – January 3, 2022

Thank you “keep it alive ” , I really like your prompts and WDYS by which I couldn’t resist myself to share my thoughts . What I see, is not uncommon, but is in the air we live .

While manifesting the innocence of flora’s to the fauna’s and fauna’s to the flora’s, I forgot how innocent was the mankind too .

Unintentionally , too innocent to cut the flora’s , to build a home for the new gardens to bloom .

May be, too innocent to un-home the fauna’s , to give home to the *exotic fauna’s. Because we love animals, right !

Yet we humans are too innocent to perceive our innocence , untill now . Innocent world it is .

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it's time to simply be .

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